Fact or Fiction?


Mahindra First Choice Wheels only buys or sells Mahindra cars.

Mahindra First Choice Wheels buys and sells cars of every possible brand in the Indian market today.

There is no financial aid available if I want to buy a used car.

Mahindra First Choice Wheels has flexible finance options, provided by some of the most respected financial institutions in India, allowing you to turn your car dreams into a reality.

Buying a used car means basically buying someone else’s problem.

We are the largest organized multi-brand car mart in India to offer a warranty on our used cars! certified cars at Mahindra First Choice Wheels goes through a rigorous 118 point inspection and certification process to ensure that it is free from damage of any kind.

The paperwork involved in purchasing a used car is tedious.

When we purchase used cars from their owners, we ensure that all the paperwork is in place. So with a used car from Mahindra First Choice Wheels, you get the assurance of hassle-free paperwork, that’s already in order!


Companies that buy used cars make it compulsory to upgrade a vehicle.

That's not the case with Mahindra First Choice Wheels. Once we purchase your car from you, we will pay you in 48 hours. That means no need to wait for a potential buyer to show interest in your vehicle. Also, our no-strings-attached policy ensures that you are under no compulsion to upgrade your vehicle from us.

I’m not going to see my money for a long time.

When you sell your used car to Mahindra First Choice Wheels, we will pay you in just 48 hours!

The evaluation process for a used car is vague and unclear.

Our evaluators at Mahindra First Choice Wheels have been trained to explain the evaluation process to you in the minutest detail. They will also explain the factors that may have impacted the worth of your old car.

Expert certification does not add any positive value to the price of a used car.

On the contrary, when a used car is evaluated by IBB and comes with the advantage of warranties and certification as offered by Mahindra First Choice Wheels, the car’s value is automatically increased.

I will not get the price that I deserve for my used car.

We are committed to a high level of transparency in our evaluation, through which we ensure that you get the best possible and most competitive price for your car.

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