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Tips for Car Maintenance

The warmer months give some tough challenge to owned transportation and it's maintenance. Seasonal change can be too harsh on cars, especially during high temperatures in the summer season when the heat can completely destroy batteries and stress the internal cooling system along with tires. All the vehicle components must be strictly checked and monitored to avoid uncertain breakdowns. Too much of heat and overcharging may shorten the life of a battery with the battery fluid evaporating, which then damages the internal structure of the battery.

Car Care Tips

How to Maintain a Car

Good Coolant System

You must check the level of coolant fluid in your car and also inspect the state of the hoses and the coolant reservoir. You must be careful about any leaks, especially at joints and connection points. the Summer season may be the time that you would like to check the coolant content.

Good Engine Belts

Usually a belt runs between the alternator, the fan and several other components. It can depreciate, start to squeal, become loose and sometimes break. If you see any crack in the belt or small pieces missing, it's the right time to replace the belt.

Better Wipers

Worn wipers can make nasty streaks across the windshield that can affect your vision. Replacing them does not cost much. While taking your car for oil changes, you may ask them about the wipers.

Some other essential fluids

You must also check oil, brake, power-steering and windshield-washer fluids regularly. These liquids never stop being used and consumed.

Cool air-conditioner

Air-conditioner is a summer essential. In case of a qualified mechanic you should fix the leak before paying to have the air-conditioning system recharged. Do not forget the coolant content. It must be kept intact.

Clean Air Filter

Decomposing leaves of the winter season may be clogging up drainage points, windshield-washer nozzles or even your car's air filter. Many modern cars have pollen filters or cabin filtration systems that you must take care of. Sometimes these cabin filters are easy to change yourself and you may try yourself to change them as well.

Good Tyres

Tires need to be checked regularly all year round. Pressures must be correct, the treads should be free of stones and any stray nails or tough minute object that may stick to it. You must make sure that all the four tyres should be in good condition. Good condition can be defined as no cracks and no uneven wear. Also, the spare tyre should be in usable condition to use it whenever required. During monsoon season we tend to get too much of mud on the tyres. You must make sure to clean them regularly to maintain a lesser depreciation rate of the tyres.

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