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Tata Tiago Wizz Limited Edition to Launch Soon

Tata Motors will be soon introducing the limited edition of the model Tata Tiago Wizz in India very soon. Tata Motor's Tiago has offered a new height to the company.  Tata Tiago car model has been one of the considerable providers to company's total sales since its launch last year. According to reports, Tata Motors is considered to launch a Limited edition Tata Tiago Wizz which will moreover strengthen the company’s sales graph.

Tata Tiago

Features of the Limited Edition Tata Tiago Wizz

The Tata Tiago mode in its limited edition look will be simply non-recognizable from the regular model of the existing Tata Tiago. It is said to have 1.05-litre Revotorn petrol and a 1.2-liter engine Revotron. The engine run by petrol will create 114Nm, whereas the engine run by diesel will create 140Nm. An automatic gearbox and a manual of 5-speed, will be there with the engine.

Tata Motors established the Tiago in 2006 and with the increasing demand for the vehicle, the company added AMT transmission or its XTA variant. The new XTA variation is priced at Rs 4.79 lakh, ex-showroom in Delhi. The XTA variation is now available in both 5-speed manual and automatic transmission.  The variation are Tiago revocation XE,XB,XM,XM(O), XT,XT(O),XTA,XZA,XZ and Revotorn XB,XE,XE(O),XT,XT(O),XZ,XM,XM(O).

The car has got great comfortable update in terms of the seating arrangement. Also, the car interior has been equipped with Harman infotainment system that supports Bluetooth connectivity. Rear and Front power windows will come as a standard fitment in the unique edition Tata Tiago. It also has red highlights on the AC vents.

The car is also said to have blackouts in the middle pillar and also dual wheel covers. The another visible distinguishing factors on the external of the Limited edition Tata Tiago Wizz will be Wizz limited edition badge. The car has two driving modes-Eco and City.

Vitals Of Petrol Engine:

  • Engine: Revotron 1.2L 3-cylinder
  • Power: 85PS
  • Torque: 114Nm
  • Fuel Efficiency: 23.84kmpl

Diesel Engine:

  • Revotorn 1.05L 3-cylinder
  • Power: 70PS
  • Torque: 140Nm
  • Fuel Efficiency: 27.28kmpl

The Car To Be Launched:

Many reports have been there by now that many customers have taken the test drive of the car too. The reports also state about various changes that the car has got both n its exterior as well as interior looks. The limited edition variant of Tata Tiago - the Tata Tiago Wizz has thus got a number of changes in it.

Tata Tiago garnered a lot of popularity among the buyers, and now the company is all set to launch the Tiago Wizz limited edition. It is assumed to be established in the coming days (around mid-September). The limited- run model is likely to be based on the second -last Xt Trim. The car may come with some of the most modern features such as Juke App, Bluetooth and also remote to control the keys. The car is available at the moment in the colors red and white with rood top of black and an extended rear mirror.

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