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MFC Buying Guide - Volkswagen Cross Polo

The Volkswagen Cross Polo is one of the most innovative compact cars available in India at present. It scores full marks when it comes to ingenuity and features. It has also been credited with pioneering an entire automobile category in the country, namely that of the premium crossover-like hatchback. It is naturally priced more than the Polo TDI Highline. Does it work for you? Let’s find out!

Volkswagen Cross Polo

Volkswagen Cross Polo- Is it worth buying?

The Volkswagen Cross Polo does not come with any off roading package in case you were mistaken. The design resembles a compact crossover while ground clearance is also identical as regular Polo hatchbacks. Visual changes are aplenty including round fog lamps, big front bumper, unique front grille, silver chin and a single chrome slat which differentiate this model from the regular Polo version.

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There is plastic cladding which runs along the breadth and length of the model and this is another distinctive feature. The car is 20 mm longer than the regular hatchback and a new roof rail is integrated along with silver wing mirrors and a rear diffuser in silver. The equipment inside is similar to the conventional Polo model while the Livon Titanium upholstery in black is one aspect differentiating the Cross Polo from its sibling. There is some extra plastic and added silver bits.

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The Cross Polo has a three cylinder turbo diesel engine with 1199 cc of capacity. This makes 180 Nm along with 74 BHP. The engine of the vehicle is a little noisy at idle and this goes up with more revs. There is a five speed manual transmission unit available for the car though this does feel a little lethargic and smooth shifting is not possible most of the time. Some more power comes after 1800 rpm is crossed which translates into better drivability on the highway as compared to the city. Overall ride and handling is good enough though the suspension system is identical to the regular Polo which means that potholes and poor roads do make their presence felt at times. Ride quality is good overall though there is some body roll.

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The Cross Polo will certainly make for an interesting choice though the regular version definitely sounds better. Want to know why? This is because the Cross Polo comes at a premium and finds it hard to justify the same above the regular Polo. There are no off roading packages or better ground clearance. The engine is good but driving experiences are certainly not more enhanced in comparison to the regular Polo.

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The handling and suspension tell the same story. There is crossover like styling which is the only differentiator you come across. You are better off looking at the Polo GT TSI model in case you want something a little hatke as compared to other regular hatchbacks but this does not cut it quite clearly.

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