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Get Perfect Fresh Car Interior

These days we use the car so much that it is considered as our second home. We barely find time to look after the car especially its interiors and the after using it for some time we realise the interior smells and the smell is definitely not pleasant. Listed below are some tips as to how to keep the interior air of the car fresh.

Fresh Car Interior

  • Letting the interior of the car breathe

    When your car is left over night the air that is trapped inside reaches every corner of the vehicle and if you have eaten or smoked inside the car the smell of that too remains and gets transformed into a bad smell the next morning. When you are starting to head out it is best to roll down the windows of the vehicle so that all the trapped air can pass out. Before starting off actually drive around for some minutes so that fresh air can ventilate inside the car and then set off so that all the bad breath is out of the car.
  • Re circulation is always helpful

    Each and every car has this re circulation mode which is very helpful. The button helps the vehicle to let fresh air come inside the interiors of the vehicle. It is advised that is someone is eating or smoking then do roll down the windows a bit and switch the air condition mode to re circulate mode, by doing this it will help to keep intact fresh air in the interiors of the vehicle.
  • Cleaning it

    After the day has ended and you have parked your car for the day do clean out the car like throwing the trash off the car. We do eat different things while in the car like cigarettes, chips or other food items, make sure to throw all the packets outside including coffee cups. This little procedure helps to keep the odour away from the vehicle.
  • Fragrance is always helpful

    It is always advised to invest in a good car perfume. But in case you are not able to do it then spray some of your favourite deodorant or perfume in the car not directly in the seats or dashboard but just in the air and roll down the windows and close the doors of the vehicle and let the fragrance settle down. Another option is to invest in a good car air purifier which easily removes all the odour, dust and bacteria etc.
  • Usage of Baking Soda

    Very few people are aware of the fact that using of baking soda helps to keep odour at bay. If the baking soda is sprinkled on the seats, mat and other places and let it sit for some time before dusting off it helps to neutralize the smell. Also try and clean the vehicle after wards with a vacuum cleaner as it helps to keep bacteria and fungal growth at bay.
  • Use the air conditioner of the car regularly

    During the winter time we do not use the air conditioner but it is advised to use it after some day as it helps to keep the interior of  the vehicle moist free and also in the air conditioner there will no fungus or other bacteria.

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