Electric Car vs Fuel cars

Battery-powered electric cars and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles have both seen development in the car market. Both technologies are an eco-friendly alternative to internal combustion engines, and electric motors powered by electrochemical devices.

Electric vehicles

Battery-powered electric vehicles do not have specifically have an engine since they use energy stored in batteries to power electric motors. Electric cars went through a surge in popularity in the recent years. Many of today's electric vehicles run on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that are found in most laptops. These are replacing the cheaper lead-acid batteries that are used in most of the older models of electric cars. Electric vehicles offer a promising alternative to internal-combustion vehicles since they don't directly burn fossil fuels and they are also capable of producing instant torque with smoother acceleration than conventional cars. Short trips are good to go, but longer trips need lengthy charging hours before the journey. In an used car, battery swapping important, so a depleted battery must be exchanged for a fully charged one to keep your car in good shape.

Fuel cell vehicles

Fuel cell vehicles are driven by electric motors. Instead of being powered by a battery, they make electricity in an onboard fuel cell, usually by using oxygen from the air and stored hydrogen. Fuel cells may use a catalyst to combine two reactants, which generates a flow of electrons. A range of fuels can be used to support fuel cells, like hydrogen that is produced from natural gas. Fuel cell vehicles do not have the common limitations as battery-powered vehicles since they are capable of storing more fuel. The main disadvantage for a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is the lack of sufficient infrastructure for hydrogen re-fueling, and also the cost of the catalysts. Platinum being one of the most commonly used catalysts for fuel cells, it comes really very expensive. Fuel cells have bad theoretical and practical efficiency. Hydrogen storage is inefficient, energetically and volumetrically.

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