MFC Buying Guide Volkswagen Polo GTI

The fastest hatchback Volkswagen Polo GTI is extremely powerful and one of its kind in the Indian market.

MFC Buying Guide Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen Beetle is a decent mix of style and power and it has general measurements of 4278mm long, 1808mm in expansiveness and 1486mm in stature.

MFC Buying Guide Tata Sumo Gold

This new Sumo Gold looks absolutely new in exterior styling as compared to the Sumo Victa.

MFC Buying Guide Tata Hexa

Tata Motors has declared its re entry in the full-estimate SUV section by presenting the Hexa hybrid in the Indian market

MFC Buying Guide Nissan GTR

The Nissan GT-R affectionately tended to as the 'Godzilla,' it has gone at a good bargain in the Indian market interestingly.

Tips for Car Maintenance

The warmer months give some tough challenge to owned transportation and it's maintenance. Seasonal change can be too harsh on cars, especially during high temperatures in the summer season when the heat can completely destroy batteries and stress the internal cooling system along with tires

Things to do if you have a flood damaged car

Floods cause damage to property and is a huge burden for people. One takes a huge hit in terms of property loss if it is immersed in water

Some of the common petrol pump scams in India that you should be aware of

India that causes a hike in the car maintenance cost. Let us take a look at some of the common petrol pump scams in India:

Get Perfect Fresh Car Interior

Listed below are some tips as to how to keep the interior air of the car fresh.

Vehicle Registration Certificate: Spot the difference between an Original and Fake

Buying a new car is a dream harboured by many but with rise in prices of all commodities it is becoming difficult day-by-day to turn this dream into reality.

Are Electric cars worth it?

Buying a car is a dream harboured by many but with rise in prices of all commodities it is becoming difficult day-by-day to turn this dream into reality.

All about Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Buying a car is still a deal of magnanimous proportion in India. People tend to make a careful choice in bringing this dream come into reality.

MFC Buying Guide Maruti Suzuki Ignis

Maruti Suzuki Ignis is a magnificent vehicle which brings newer design philosophy. It flaunts an unconventional boxy-design and advanced interior features.

MFC Buying Guide Maruti Suzuki Eeco

Maruti Suzuki Eeco is designed to create happiness during your ride. It offers wonderful ride quality during your move in order to attain all your work aspirations and personal dreams.

Popular SUVs in 2017

Before you Buy a new SUV model this year you might want to take a look first at the list of all the SUV models of 2017

3 New Hyundai Hatchbacks To be launched in India Before 2018

Hyundai is one of the most favourite car makers in India and has got some excellent cars in its line-up in the past few years.

Maruti Swift Now Accessible With I Create Personalisation Scheme

The modern Swift from the brand Maruti Suzuki still continues to be the most popular and high selling cars at present.

Tata Tiago Wizz Limited Edition to Launch Soon

Tata Motors will be soon introducing the limited edition of the model Tata Tiago Wizz in India very soon.

Cars One Must Consider For Rough Road Experience

In city life, we are experienced with smooth roads. Off road experience is however completely different and for that purpose a variety of cars are available.

Important Points to Remember While Test Drive

There are many factors that one should look into while purchasing a car but one factor that is imperative is a test drive

Cheapest Automatic Cars

Lets Check india's cheapest automatic cars, let's find the features, price and specification

MFC Buying Guide Skoda Kodiaq

The seven seats Skoda Kodiaq launch will haunt the entire market with the best features and excellent driving services.

Knowing Important Parts of Cars Helps When You Are Buying Used Car

Inspection and test drive are an important step towards car purchase but what do you do if you are clueless about car parts to begin with?

Extra Space Cars And A Closer Look Into Them

In India cars are growing day by day and major brands are finding it an opportunity to set up their business here. Value for money is the prime factor as a result spacious cars are much in demand.

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga vs Honda BRV

Comparison between maruti suzuki ertiga and honda brv, check out the key features, performance and qualities

Top FIVE Upcoming SUVs

The SUV segment has become one of the best-selling vehicle categories in the country, and it's only getting bigger.

Top 5 Upcoming MUVs

These cars have a van like appearance and in the recent times comes in various form. Take a look at the top 5 upcoming MUV variants.

MFC Buying Guide Maruti Suzuki Omni

Maruti Suzuki Omni comes with mono-box design feature to impress the buyers in all ways. It has appealing style quotient in its design features and also offers good handling aspects as well

MFC Buying Guide Honda Accord

Honda Accord consists of a powerful V6 4-cylinder engine which delivers wonderful ride for the long journey. It also comes with advanced safety features both for the occupants and drivers.

MFC Buying Guide Honda WRV

Honda WRV is a sporty lifestyle vehicle with a lot of changes in terms of design aspects. Attributed to the spacious cabin, aggressive pricing, impressive mileage and raised ground clearance.

MFC Buying Guide Honda BRV

Vehicle buyers can choose for Honda BRV because it has received an instant hit in the midst of high-class Honda city. It comes with striking features compared to other vehicles.

Used Car Market in Jaipur

The used car market of Indore contains cars belonging to a wide range of prices. It has cars ranging from Maruti cars to Mercedes Benz

MFC Buying Guide for Audi A8L

The Audi 8L is a luxurious and extravagant sedan. The exterior has great style and the interior is comfortable and packed up with all the upgraded technologies

MFC Buying Guide Audi A7

Audi 7 is a premium sedan of the German based company Audi. Presently in India this one of the sedan that makes it to the list of luxury and premium sedans.

Expert Advice in Buying Used Cars

When you plan to buy a used vehicle, it is essential to know about the car history like mileage, interior, and exterior designs, engine performance and years of usage.

Top 5 Upcoming Hatchbacks

Hatchbacks are a popular car segment in the country. From affordable and low-maintenance vehicle to stylish, feature-rich and performance-oriented cars

Best used car people who looking for average and best performance

Not everyone can afford a new car with top specs and gizmos. There in comes in the option of used cars. Take a look at few of the best used cars which give great performance

The Best Plan of Insurance Companies for The Consumer Market

Now the auto buyers can take the insurance from the preferred insurers. No longer are tie ups required with the company dealers.

Get True Value for Your Old Car by Proper Car Valuation

If you are planning to buy or sell your old car it is mandatory that you know it’s worth prior to making any final decision. Car valuation has now become much easy with availability of used car calculators online.

Popular Used Cars in The Price Range of Rs 5-6 Lakh in Delhi

Everyone is looking to cut down costs and the best way to get your own car at lower prices is by purchasing used cars. Delhi has one of the largest market of used cars.

Upcoming Car Skoda Octavia Facelift

The Skoda Octavia has been a notable and effective model in India for over two decades. It was suspended for couple of years, and reintroduced with reviving components and enhanced execution.

Fraud Awareness Tips for Used Car Buyers and Sellers

There are many fraud buyers and sellers in the market and one must be aware of them. Listed below are some tips to keep in mind.

Comparative Features Of Mahindra XUV500 Versus Jeep Compass

The comparison of new launch vehicles like Mahindra XUV500 and Jeep Compass are assured to hit the market to a great extent. Mahindra XUV 500 stands top compared to Jeep Compass.

List of Striking Cars Sales In Chennai Under The Price Range Of 6 To 7 Lakhs

The Chennai car market is occupied fully with different options when it comes for getting used car for you and your family. You can select based on your budget.

Check Out the all New Jeep Compass Launched in India

The Jeep Compass has gained recognition for its off-road capability and the high reliability of performance on all road conditions. The Compass has been designed to look like a baby Grand Cherokee with influences from the Jeep Renegade. The all new model of the Jeep Compass has been launched in August 2017 in the Indian market at a price of Rs 15 lakh.

Tips for Driving Safely in The Hills

Many people don't recognize what apparatus to utilize or how to maintain a strategic distance from over cooking the brakes while driving downhill.

Tips on How to Save Fuel

When you have driven a car that has been stopped for a couple of hours, the motor is frosty and it utilizes significantly more fuel for the initial five miles. Try to use the vehicle for trips and not for daily purpose.

How to Read Tyres

The tyres are considered to speak a coded language and hence one needs to read that coded language to understand the tyre.

Top 5 Used Cars Under 8 Lakhs

The average Indian car buyer mostly belongs to a middle-class family and when it comes to buying a car he gets the best value-for-money product for the price that he pays

Filled wrong fuel in a car? Here’s What to Do

Just like among us, humans, we are strict about our diet like the vegetarians and the non vegetarians similarly our cars too are strict as to what kind of fuel is coming inside them.

Buying Guide Child Safety Seats

In a vehicle the child safety seats are easily available though in India yet the child safety seats have not been made as a law.

Amazing and Affordable Cars Brought to You by Maruti Suzuki

These Maruti Suzuki cars are available at an affordable range of 6-10 lacs. They provide the usual comfort and ease of driving and are as all Maruti Suzuki cars are, fuel efficient.

Top 5 Car Brands in India

Cars are the most convenient mode of transportation and are designed according to the need of the people. India is one of the top leading producers of world class affordable cars

MFC Buying Guide of Isuzu MU- X

The exterior of Isuzu MU-X has a strong and dynamic plan of the outsides with polished body shapes, and the long wheelbase gets magnificent position out and about.

MFC Buying Guide Land Rover Range Rover

The latest version of Land Rover’s full-size Range Rover is equipped with a new aluminium monocoque. Land Rover Range Rover comes in 11 variants with 4 engine and 1 transmission and 2 fuel options.

MFC Buying Guide of Audi 4

The big brand Audi A4 has emerged in India. With assertive body design the A4 stands strong on the Audi’s MLB platform with a blend of lightweight materials

MFC Buying Guide of Audi 3

The Audi 3 is a stylish looking sedan and also performance wise is superior. This sedan is particularly for those buyers who are in search of racing features

MFC Buying Guide Audi A6

Automobile companies all over the world are always on the lookout for gaining an upper hand over their competitors. This has led to an ever increasing number of car varieties in the global market.

Who Wins Baleno or Baleno rs?

Maruti Suzuki Baleno comes with impressive interiors and also it is also a very sturdy car to use. Maruti Suzuki Baleno is very spacious and provides amazing mileage. It runs smoothly without any vibrations even at high speeds

Used Cars Market in Bhopal

The used car market of Bhopal contains a number of sturdy cars, which are mostly in good conditions. There are a number of Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Mahindra and etc.

Top 5 Manual Cars in India

The manual transmission in cars is a technology that is fading day by day with the advent of automatic transmission. Every year fewer and fewer cars are offered with a clutch and a shifter. Here is a list of top 5 manual cars in India-

Electric Car vs Fuel cars

Battery-powered electric cars and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles have both seen development in the car market. Both technologies are an eco-friendly alternative to internal combustion engines, and electric motors powered by electrochemical devices.

6 Reasons to Sell Your Car Now

The car in India is considered as a possession which people earn after quite a lot of hard work. Most people do not like selling off their first car as a lot of sentiments is involved in it.

MFC Buying Guide Land Rover Range Rover Sport

The Range Rover Sport is a mid-size SUV manufactured by the British automobile company, Land Rover. The first generation of the car was launched in the 2005

MFC Buying Guide Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

The Range Rover Sport is a mid-size SUV manufactured by the British automobile company, Land Rover. The first generation of the car was launched in the 2005 which was followed up by a series of up gradations in 2009, 2013 and 2015.

MFC Buying Guide Land Rover Discovery

The Land Rover Discovery Sport launched an all-new model for 2015 calling it a premium compact SUV. It comes with a 240 horsepower 2.0-litre turbo I4, 9-speed transmission, a seating for seven and standard all-wheel drive with in Control Protect and In Control Remote standard on all Discovery Sports.

MFC Buying Guide Land Rover Discovery 4

The Discovery has an iconic exterior design updated, with smoother and simpler surfaces at the front and new front headlights with High Beam Assist. The interior is completely redesigned making it more upmarket and handsome

MFC Buying Guide Fiat Abarth Avventura

The Fiat Abarth Avventura is a hatchback is a sporty looking sedan. The exterior of the hatchback is stylish and looks rough. The interiors are comfortable and spacious. This hatchback is available only in diesel variant.

MFC Buying Guide Fiat Linea Classic

The Fiat Linea Classic is a hatchback that any car lover will like. The exterior of the hatchback is stylish and the interiors are comfortable and spacious. This hatchback is available in both petrol and diesel variants.

MFC Buying Guide Skoda Yeti

It is much easier now to sell your used cars quickly. You can easily trust an online portal that makes all the procedure of selling so easy for you.

MFC Buying Guide Jaguar XK

aguar XKR has been rolled out in both convertible and coupe forms. The price of the car comes around Rs. 1.27 crore.

MFC Buying Guide Jaguar XJ

XJ is an excellent combination of poise and luxury. It delivers a good driving experience to you. Jaguar has always been an epitome of stunning design and intuitive technology.

MFC Buying Guide Jaguar XE

Check our Car Buying Guide to research Jaguar XE photos, specs and prices, .

MFC Buying Guide Jaguar F-Type

The 2016 Jaguar F-Type attracts a lot of attention and poise. It is a car of class with appeal. Drivers love taking road trips with the new F-Type. The buyers can now opt for a manual gearbox and extra traction with an AWD system.

Top 5 Benefits of Used Cars

The used cars are more sold today than the new ones. In almost every city, people prefer used cars more over new ones for several reasons

Most Viewed Cars on Chennai Road

let's check the top five cars for Chennai traffic choose by Chennai people, Mahindra Scorpio , Mahindra Xylo, Mahindra XUV500, Honda CRV and Maruti Suzuki Baleno.

MFC Buying Guide Mercedes C Class

India has been very beneficial for the German car makers from the market side. The C-Class is the top of the line item in India and has widely accepted and supported by the classes in the entry level luxury vehicle. It is technologically up to date

MFC Buying Guide for Volvo XC90

There has been a complete makeover both exterior and interior wise in Volvo XC90. The SUV has great style and comfort and lavishness in the interiors in great degrees.

MFC Buying Guide for Volvo XC60

Volvo as XC60 is another great product of the Swedish auto maker. The car is acts as a great challenge for the 4*4 segment sedans

MFC Buying Guide Volvo V40 Cross Country

Volvo V40 Cross country is another great product from the Swedish automaker's re that boasts plentiful admirable features.

MFC Buying Guide Volvo S80

The Swedish makers never fail to impress its users and Volvo S80 is one such vehicle they have produced which leaves their users in awe of it. The Volvo S80 is one of those recognized vehicles that is in vogue today

Mahindra XUV 500 vs Tata Hexa

Comparison between Mahindra XUV 500 and Tata Hexa check out the key features, performance, qualities, price and differences.

MFC Buying Guide Nissan Terrano

Let's find out the amazing features of Nissan Terrano, the 2013 launched SUV Terrano is huge success in Indian Car Market.

MFC Buying Guide Nissan Sunny

The Nissan group launched its brand new Sunny on the 17th January 2017. This is one of the most competitive yet budget friendly new cars in India launched this year

Buying Guide Nissan Micra Active

The all new Nissan Micra Active was one of the most anticipated cars in India. Nissan is one of the most trusted brands and their previous product has been widely accepted and so is Micra Active very highly appreciated.

MFC Buying Guide Nissan Evalia

The all new Nissan Evalia is one of the most competitive cars in the market presently. This is an updated version that the company has produced according to the carmakers

MFC Buying Guide Tata Safari Storme

The TATA Safari Storme has premium and elegant features which makes it one of the best seller SUVs from TATA.

Mahindra First Choice Buying Guide Toyota Innova Crysta

Innova crysta has the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) design. Bold and stylish looks along with premium features makes this MPV from Toyota a hot favorite among the car lovers

Mahindra First Choice Buying Guide Mahindra Verito

Stylish looks along with good features makes this sedan from Mahindra a hot favorite among the car lovers. The Mahindra Verito has the design which is unique from Mahindra as far exterior styling and designs are concerned.

Mahindra First Choice Buying Guide Mahindra Verito vibe CS

Mahindra Verito vibe CS has been one of the new from Mahindra in India. Stylish looks along with good features makes this Car from Mahindra a hot favorite among the car lovers.

Mahindra First Choice Buying Guide Chevrolet Cruze

Chevrolet has given quite a variety to the Indian car lovers to choose from. Chevrolet started its journey way back in 2003 and since then it has not looked back and today the company’s portfolio has cars like Spark, Beat, Tavera, Sail, Enjoy, Cruze and many more.

Low Budget Top 3 LPG Cars in India

The automobile market in India is full of cars of different models from different manufacturers. The numbers of buyers have grown drastically as far as their numbers are concerned.

The 5 Best Looking Cars in India That You Can Buy Second Hand

Here are the top five best looking cars among the used cars in Mumbai

Why Should I buy Used Cars

Find out why used car is best option instead of new one, check the advantages and benefits of buying used car.

Sell Your Car to Certified Car Dealer in Mumbai

India’s used car market is seeing a growth up to 2.5 times the size of the new car market, led by growing acceptance of used cars.

Mahindra First Choice Buying Guide Hyundai Elite i20

Hyundai Motors India Limited, the second most sought after car maker in our country, launched the Elite i20, which is the next generation model of their premium hatchback i20, a car that they refer to as “a car beyond hatchback

Nissan Sunny vs Maruti Suzuki Ciaz- Who is The Real Winner

Comparison between Maruti Suzuki Dzire AGS and Tata Zest AMT check out the key features, performance, qualities and price difference.

How to Evaluate a Used Car's Condition

Finding a problem free used vehicle has got everything to do with doing some solid good research and investigative talents.

Buying Second Hand Cars in Delhi is Easy With This Easy Guide

The growth in the second hand car market, increasing affordability and rising demand in the latest variants, dealers in the organized trade have been making attempts to provide an ecosystem similar to new car trade.

Mahindra First Choice Buying Guide - Honda CR-V

The 2007 model of Honda CR-V comes with very bold looks and is by far the most compact crossover SUV that is available in the market.

Mahindra First Choice Buying Guide - Honda Jazz

The new Jazz comes with a sportier, aerodynamically enhanced version of the older car. It carries the same mini MPV-like looks of the earlier model though with a modern touch this time.

Compare Cars - Mahindra KUV100 vs Hyundai Grand i10

Comparison between Mahindra KUV100 and Hyundai Grand i10, check out the key features, performance and qualities

Mahindra First Choice buying guide - Hyundai Grand i10

South Korean auto maker Hyundai has already declared that the company would be marking off its 20th anniversary in the Indian car industry with the release of its two anniversary versions of Hyundai Xcent and Grand i10.

MFC Buying Guide Hyundai i20 Active

Hyundai has enjoyed quite a bit of success with the introduction of the Elite i20 in India and has now launched a crossover based on this hatchback. The i20 Active is one of the compact crossovers in the Indian car industry.

Mahindra First Choice Buying Guide-Volkswagen Cross Polo

The Volkswagen Cross Polo is one of the most innovative compact cars available in India at present. It scores full marks when it comes to ingenuity and features.

Mahindra First Choice Buying Guide - Volkswagen Jetta

The Volkswagen Jetta has always been a club class vehicle. It generated a lot of buzz initially when it was brought to the Indian market. It is based on the MQB platform of the company which is also used for the Skoda Octavia.

Mahindra First Choice Buying Guide - Volkswagen Passat

The Passat is Volkswagen’s answer to something called supreme luxury. The first generation Passat marked a huge departure from the likes of the Beetle and similar cars. It brought in front wheel cars with good power.

Mahindra First Choice Buying Guide - Volkswagen Polo

The Volkswagen Polo is something of a legend in hatchback circles. It has always been the go-to vehicle for someone wanting a branded hatchback with good performance and something extra as compared to run of the mill compact vehicles.

Mahindra First Choice Buying Guide - Volkswagen Vento

The Vento has a contemporary design and the face lifts have always contributed towards making it look more mature. The car looks more high end than its actual segment. This is one plus point of the Vento

Top Five Luxury Cars you Can Buy Second Hand

In the used car market, certain luxury cars are better buys than others, and surprisingly sometime, one of the older cars is a better model than the new upgraded one.

How to Save the Money and Time when you are buying used cars

Buying used cars is no longer as intimidating as it used to be, thanks to the Internet, each and every bit of information is available to us, that we would ever need to know before buying a used car.

Mahindra First Choice buying guide - Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire

On the exterior, the new Swift Dzire sports a newly designed bumper and head lights with a black shade along with chrome accented fog lights bezel.

MFC buying guide Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

Maruti Suzuki had launched the Ciaz sedan in the C segment in 2014 and soon after, it became the second bestselling car in the sedan segment with huge demand from the car lovers of India.

MFC Buying Guide - Maruti Suzuki Ertiga

The Multi Purpose Vehicle segment in the Indian auto market is brimming with cars that are hot selling number. The Maruti Suzuki Ertiga is one of the prominent players in this segment.

Car Sales Rise in May 2016

Car sales in India increased at a rapid pace in May 2016, as consumers readily lapped up new car models. For the top three passenger vehicle manufacturers of India, sales figures advanced 10% for each. Reports suggest that sales of India’s passenger vehicles rose by 6.3 percent in May

Mahindra First Choice buying guide - Maruti Suzuki Wagon R

Ever since it was launched in the Indian car market over ten years ago, Maruti Suzuki claims that the Wagon R has so far had over 8 lakh happy owners.

Mahindra First Choice buying guide - Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza

Buying guide for Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza, the perfect SUV in Indian car market. The Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza comes under the sub 4 metre segment, which makes its more lucrative due to lesser taxes payable

Best deals on Honda used cars in Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the biggest markets for used cars in the country. There is huge demand for quality used cars across all brands, makes and models in Maximum City. Honda, however, is one of the in-demand cars in the city of Mumbai and why not?

Evolution of India used car industry

India’s used car industry has been in the throes of constant evolution and this has actually benefited it hugely.

How to Buy a Certified Pre-Owned Car

Ideas and tips from Mahindra First Choice to buy a Certified Pre-Owned Car without any hassle. There are many used cars in the dealer’s warehouse that are filled with certified cars

Bangalore Leads Pack in Search Queries for Automobiles

The automobile sector has been abuzz with loads of developments and is currently one of the fastest growing sectors in the country.

Must Read For First Time Car User Car Buyer

Buying your first used car might look a daunting task, but if you go about it in a systematic manner then you can enjoy a great buy. Read on to know more.

What Should A Smart Used Car Buyer Know?

To ensure a happy ride for long term you need to consider various aspects and make an informed decision. Interested to know more? Read on.

Certified Used Car Myths Busted

A few taps can give you access to tons of information. Whether you stay in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Ahmedabad or any other part of the country, through the internet you can get loads of information on used certified cars. Unfortunately, not everything you read is correct.

Used Car Buyer's Guide For A Lazy Indian

When it comes to buying second hand car in India, most people get put off due to the general perception of lot of research and time involved. Things are very different now. You can be a lazy buyer and still get the best deal in used car in just three simple steps. Read further to know how.

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