Documents Required to Sell Your Car

If you plan to sell your car to Mahindra First Choice Wheels, make sure you have all relevant documents and accessories for your car with you. Requirements vary from state to state, so please contact your local Mahindra First Choice Wheels store to confirm everything before you close the deal. Documents required for sale of car :

  • Valid Registration Book
  • Please bring your registration book (RC) with you when you sell your car to Mahindra First Choice Wheels. The RC must be provided at the time of sale.
    A valid and current car registration is the proof that you own the car. Mahindra First Choice Wheels must see the vehicle's current registration certificate to verify that you own the car.

  • Have a hypothecation on the registration book?
  • If there is a lien on the registration book, you need to provide a NOC (No Objection Certificate) issued from the finance company after paying off the whole amount.

  • Still has an outstanding loan?
  • In case a loan is still running, you need to collect a Foreclosure Statement from the finance company to know about the pay-off amount. Either you pay the pay-off amount or Mahindra First Choice Wheels will pay on your behalf against the delivery of the vehicle along with relevant documents. Also, Mahindra First Choice Wheels will hold a small amount for the NOC, which will be given to you against the NOC issued by the finance company.

  • Insurance Policy
  • A valid insurance policy for your car.

  • Dealer Invoice
  • Invoice of the car received at the time of purchase of new car.

  • Photo ID & Signature Proof
  • Should bring valid state-issued photo ID of registered owner as proof of identity & Proof of signature

  • Owner's manual
  • Make life a little easier on the next car owner by leaving your owner’s manual in the glove box before selling your car.

  • Keys and remote
  • Keys can be expensive to replace. If you do not have the original keys and remote, Mahindra First Choice Wheels may adjust the offer to reflect the exact value of your vehicle.